Over the past 12 years I have been honoured to have participated in three Northern commissions. These challenging and deeply rewarding experiences have had a profound effect on me- as a person, artist, and instructor. And it is with great pride that I can honestly say that in all 3 cases the final piece is much greater then the sum of its parts.

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Nunavut Official Symbols Project – Aupilattunnguaq (Purple Saxifrage)

Photo - Official flower of Nunavut – Aupilattunnguaq (purple saxifrage) Photo - Official flower of Nunavut – Aupilattunnguaq (purple saxifrage)

Principal artists:

Ruben Komangapik, Allyson Simmie


  • Sterling silver
  • 14k gold
  • Baffin Island amethyst
  • Baffin Island serpentine
  • 25cm x 15cm x 1cm
  • 2001


This sculpture was commissioned by the Government of Nunavut. It represents the official flower of Nunavut – Aupilattunnguaq (purple saxifrage). It is made from sterling silver, 14K yellow and rose gold, amethyst from the Igloolik area and green serpentine from south Baffin Island. There are 13 blossoms, representing the 12 previously existing provinces and territories- plus one more! The sculpture, made in Iqaluit has 65 hand carved amethyst petals and over 600 individual pieces of silver and gold soldered together. The Aupilattunnguaq is an important symbol for Nunavut as it is the first flower of spring. Often growing up through the snow during the winter.