Since 1994 I have taught jewellery making in many different Arctic communities. From 3 weeks to 3 years, I taught in 4 different communities in the Eastern and Western Arctic. Whether I was stepping into a complete studio and being handed a curriculum or walking into an empty room in a small community with a week to pull it all together, it was always a great challenge and rewarding experience. I loved it! I was impressed with the quality of design and craftsmanship of my students everywhere I went.

Some of the stone that I use in my Arctic Landscapes Series comes from the communities I taught in. The white marble, green serpentine and lapis lazuli are all from Kimmirut and Kingait (Cape Dorset).

In 2008 I taught my first course south of the Arctic circle- “Production Jewellery Design” at NSCAD University. This course provided me with an interesting reminder of the different learning styles between North and Southern students. While in Iqaluit I spent 3 years trying to unlearn my southern learning style, and then once back in Halifax I had to remind myself to switch back!