The Official Symbols of Nunavut Project

The making of this project was a reunion of sorts. It was to be done over 6 weeks in Iqaluit in the fall of 2000. Nunavut Arctic College agreed to let us use their jewellery studio and we set up shop in the sculpture room. As this was where I had taught for 3 years (1994-97) it was a bit of a homecoming. And great to be back!

The students at the time were able to track our progress, and we had great assistance- and tons of fun- with our friends Mathew Nuqingaq and Claude Roussel. When we needed a break from all those tiny little pieces we would go out walking on the land or take a break to check out the Northern lights…

Coming back for the official unveiling was a treat too. October can be kind of grim weather wise, although really, what better time to take in a round of golf? Sea ice style! It was also lovely to see my old friend Paul Malliki again. He had been commissioned to do a sculpture of the official bird of Nunavut- the Ptarmigan.