I was privileged to have been a participant at the festival five times since 1997. Each year was different, but all were very special. It was a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge, visit old friends, and make new ones. One of my favourite memories was from my first visit in 1997. One night, sitting with a friend we decided to stay up all night to watch the movements of the midnight sun.

We were staying at an old residential school, and one very strong and disturbing feature of this building was that all of the windows were set so high up in the wall that not even an adult could see out. To get around this problem we pulled a table over to a westward facing window and put a couch on top of that. We finally had our sunset view! Quietly, over many hours we sat and talked and watched the sun slowly go down, slide slowly to the right, and start to go back up again. I treasure that memory as a reminder of the gracious pace of nature that unfolds around us- regardless of whether we take the time to notice or not.

Such a great festival- so many stories!

Please feel free to share yours.