When I started my jewellery business in 1998 I was using only stones from Canada’s Arctic. So when Canadian diamonds became available I was very pleased. “These are stones from Canada’s Arctic too!” In 2003 the Aurora ring was created.

Since that time I have been proudly setting them in many of my ring and custom pendant designs. Canadian diamonds are of exceptional quality. They have great colour and clarity. It is not uncommon to find available an “E” or even sometimes “D” colour stone.

Diamonds do of course vary widely in price according to size and quality. If you would like some assistance in making a decision, please let me know. I would be happy to help guide you through the process.

Photo - Samples of Canadian Diamonds in Landscape rings: 30 pt., 22 pt., and 10 pt. (Top to Bottom)
Canadian Diamonds
Top to Bottom:
30 pt., 22 pt. & 10 pt.