Frequently Asked Questions

Many of them I have collected myself- especially the ones from the Arctic. Wherever I travel I am always on the lookout for good stones. If I am in an unfamiliar part of the country I will often check out what the local buildings are made from. This usually gives me a clue as to what the local rock is like. I have learned that stones that have the most beautiful visual qualities tends to be from areas that have had a lot of tectonic activity in the past. It seems that the internal pressure that creates high hills or mountains is also good for creating spectactular stones!

I also rely on individuals who know an area better then I do. I am generally either prospecting for rocks, or prospecting for prospectors!

I will occasionally go to a rock and mineral show. A good one here in Nova Scotia is the Parrsborough Rock and Gem Show that is held every year in August. This is close to Joggins, NS- a famous site for fossils.

I attended NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design- now NSCAD University), graduating in 1989. I rounded out my training by working for several years as a goldsmith and custom jewellery designer in Ottawa. I also taught jewellery making in Canada’s Arctic for 5 years.

A link to my upcoming shows and galleries is provided below.

In addition, if you are in the Halifax or South Shore area it is often possible to meet in town. I am also at the Hubbards Market Saturday mornings from mid-May to the end of October.

By chance or appointment!

I do as much as possible and am currently taking steps to secure a steady supply of recycled gold so that in the future all rings will be made from it.

Yes. Well, most of the time! If the gold you have has a lot of solder in it (a link chain for example) I won’t be able to use it directly as the solder will likely make pits and could also weaken the metal and lead to cracking. In this case I would credit you the value of your gold and subtract it from the final ring price.

If the gold is “clean” and/or has sentimental value (e.g. an old wedding ring) I can usually use this gold directly, and am happy to do so. Some fresh gold may need to be added, and there would also be a custom casting charge.

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